Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Week!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! It’s been crazy here!

Rich was out of town this week – he comes home today, YAY! – and the boys and I have been crazy busy!

The weather turned quite cold here Monday and Tuesday – well, cold for here – it was in the low 40’s and overcast/rainy on Monday. Perfect for the last Scoop Night fund raiser at Basken Robbins! The teachers are supposed to come out and scoop the ice cream, but I think they all forgot! The boys and I went up there and ate ice cream while it was freezing outside. The kids didn’t seem to notice – they ran around and chased each other all over the place! I froze my toes!


Next year I’m one of the PTA co-Presidents for Josh’s school and we had a meeting with the whole new board on Tuesday night. It was at a the house of the new incoming treasurer (Amy K). The kids played, we ordered pizza and got to know each other. It was cool. Amy K has a nine month old puppy. She got hold of one of Sam’s Crocs and ate the strap right off.

So Wednesday I picked the boys up from school early so we could go buy new Crocs. We spent a good HOUR in the store picking out Crocs!

Apparently, it’s not as easy as just going in, picking the color and size you want. And of course they had to have new Jibbetz too!

Josh ended up with white --


And Sam has blue with a “white” top that change to blue in the sun.


And because nothing is ever straight forward, I was texting Rich while we were there because they have the kind of Crocs he likes.



Then we rushed home, I quickly fed the kids whatever we had in the house and tried (unsuccessfully) to tidy the house up a bit before the babysitter came.

I went out to a girls movie night! We went to see Bridesmaids. VERY funny! Some times uncomfortable, but still very funny! That means I got Popcorn for dinner! And you know how I love popcorn!

Today I had my last day at the preschool this year. The last day of classes was on Tuesday and yesterday and today we had to clean the classrooms and school. After that I had lunch for the PTA at Sam’s school.

I rushed home from that just in time to get Sam from the bus.

And since it’s Thursday – we picked up our Farmer’s Market Basket! This week’s basket was AMAZING!


This week we have: 6 peaches, 6 apples, a cucumber, 1 cantaloupe, 2 white onions, 4 tomatoes, 3 green peppers*, 6 bananas, 5 ears of corn on the cob, 7 yellow squash*, 2 bunches of cilantro*, 1 HUGE head of romaine lettuce, and 14 potatoes* – all for $15!!!!

* There is a basket there where you can put things you don’t want from your basket and take things you want extra of.  This week I took extra of the items with * – I did not leave anything this week. I don’t like peaches, but the Josh & Rich do, so they’ll eat them!

I also got a whole watermelon for $4 and a bunch of asparagus for $3 and 2 chile’s for 25 cents each!


I know some of the items scream “Mexican” and Salsa, but I think I’m going to make Tomato Rice. I have a recipe from one of Rich’s co-workers. It’s so yummy and delicious and super easy! Last weeks basket had red onions and ginger which I have yet to use and can use them in this recipe. It’s so good you can’t believe you’re just eating rice! I’ll probably make it tomorrow night so I’ll post the recipe I use and the steps. I make it with my curried chickpeas. YUM!

This weekend we have the Cub Scout Family Campout and Rank Advancement on Saturday. That should be fun. Josh is moving up to Weblos II and Sam will be starting as a Tiger!

Our last day of school is on Wednesday, May 25th. Not that I’m counting or anything, but I’m ready to sleep in in the morning for the year to be over!

Now I have to go tidy up a bit so Rich doesn’t come home to a complete pig sty. It won’t be perfect, but hopefully he won’t have to trip over crocs and school bags when he gets in later tonight!

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