Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!

Sam and I had a play-date at a bouncy castle place near us today.

It was great. This place is usually packed when the kids are out of school, and occasionally, on school days. I've been there on a number of days when the Homeschool Group meets there for fun and games and group interaction or something. It's a HUGE place and lots of fun bouncies and slides. It's clean, so we like it.

Today was wonderful! There were only a handful of us there, none over the age of 5 I would say. It was great!

My friend has 2 kids, a boy that is almost 2, "G" and a girl that is 4 1/2, "K". Sam and K had so much fun together.

I think he's got a new girl friend!

I don't have permission to post pictures of my friend's kids, but here are some of Sam.

Going down!


Being Monkey's
This one actually is really cute. I had to cut "K" out because I don't have permission to post it. But she's upside down too!

She was hysterical. She'd pose and say, "Take my picture!" And then she'd boss Sam around. He's a bit stubborn and doesn't like to be told what to do, so he ignored her. I tell ya, she's a typical "girl" and he's a typical, "guy"! But they still had fun together.

These kids could have stayed there all day long if we'd let them. And if I didn't have to pick up Josh from the bus, I would have gladly let them!

The boys finally got haircuts last week.

Josh -- here he really wants to play the PS2 but I'm making him "pose" for the camera.


And Sam, who did NOT want his picture taken. I have about 5 of the back of his head and him saying, "I do NOT want my picture taken!"


We had some severe thunderstorms roll through here this morning when I was getting Josh ready for school. The power went out for about 30 minutes.

Josh, Sam and Daddy were sitting in the living room telling "scary stories" to each other by "flashlight" -- it was very cute. And to hear the boys tell the scary stories was hysterical! They all ended with, "And they looked out of the tent and saw DADDYSFACE!" and then fits of giggles!

It was very cute!


  1. That sounds like SO much fun!! (I wanna go!! I wanna go!!) Your boys are so cute!!

  2. Cute pics momma! Wish we had fun places like this to visit when we were kids! LOL

  3. Too funny. I wonder why he doesn't want pic taken. My little girl can be like that too.

  4. Love teh commentary! You can post my kids pictures!!

    "your friend"

  5. Wow, that looks like fun!!

    The storms were really bad here too, but luckily we never lost power.

  6. I love those big bouncy houses. They are so much fun. We did the hair cuts this week too. Luckily this time I didn't shave off all of the B-man's hair!

  7. Sounds like lots of fun! We love to go places when there is hardly anyone-makes it easy to keep track of your kids so you can relax and let them be kids! Glad you guys had such a great day!


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