Monday, February 11, 2008


I think I mentioned that Josh was going to a birthday party at a roller rink on Saturday.

He had so much fun! Here he is right after he got his skates on.

First time on skates

And while he was "having fun" I spent the afternoon with my heart in my throat! He fell, and fell and fell some more. It was not fun to watch as a mom.

And down he goes!
But somehow, I still managed to take pictures!

He was bound and determined to do it though. And by the end, he was making it around the rink without falling down.

Now he's got it!

He now wants skates for his birthday and he wants to go skating again!

I managed to get some video of Josh too -- and I was under strict orders to play it for Daddy as soon as I got home!

He also had a sleep over at the birthday boys house. Apparently, they had a great time and were up until at least 1:30 in the morning, and then back up again before 7:00 a. m. Needless to say, Josh was a wreck on Sunday. We went to the playground because it was such a beautiful day and thought the fresh air would do Josh some good. He fell asleep on the way to the playground and on the way home!

We had him in bed by 6:30 last night. When I tried to get him up at 6:00 this morning for the bus, I couldn't wake him up. He slept until 7:00! I had to drive him to school and he was about 5 minutes late, but it was worth it for him to get that extra hour of sleep.

I have a feeling it will take him most of the week to recover!


  1. Awww, those are some great pics PZ! He looks like he was having a grand time! I bet it was hard to watch him fall down so much, but he got the hang of it!

  2. Wow, am feeling the pain for the mom who held the sleepover!!

  3. Looks as though he had a great time!

  4. he is adorable!! great pics - and good job not being over protective mom!

  5. LOL...What a trooper!!! great pics!!

  6. Great shots momma! And looks like fun! Without the falling of course! Kids are so resilient, aren't they? If that were US doing all that falling? Yeesh, we'd be covered in casts!!

  7. Eek! As a mom, I'm cringing too! Kudos to him for getting back up an conquering the skates!

  8. Looks like he had a blast. My Girl took bug SAturday for the first time and she had a blast. Awesome Pics. Hugs Sissy

  9. Oh I love it! I am so proud of him!

  10. Look at him go!! I love the neon at the roller rink! It looks like he had a great time and it's a good thing he's not that far from the ground. He just bounces right back! I got Claire roller skates for x-mas (all she asked Santa for) and she is raring to go. Love it!!

  11. LOL! That's so funny! I love that video. He must've done it on purpose, right? There's no way he could NOT have seen that turn coming. hehe. Sounds like he had a great time. Who knew roller skating could really knock a kid out like that? (BTW, I have never seen a roller rink outside of the movies before! That's so cool that they really do exist!)

  12. Looks like he had a blast. You always really capture the moment in photos!

  13. How proud he must be of himself learning to skate!! I know the first time I took my kids skating my oldest could not stay up on the skates to save his life!. We couldn't stop laughing poor guy was so red i the face from the effort. It was like is legs were jello or something!


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