Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Moment Wednesday: Sit down and relax!

Every Wednesday at Maya's Mom is "My Moment Wednesday." It's meant to be a reminder to each one of us to take a little time during the week for ourselves.

Well, I earned my moment this week!

Rich was working this weekend and the boys had Monday and Tuesday off from school. I tell you, if ever I thought about home schooling it just got shot out the window. The drove me insane!

Although, here's a nice little plug for our local school system. I was mailing a package yesterday and the boys were playing and talking. I was stopped by someone on the way out the door. He asked me if I home schooled. I said that I didn't, the schools were out that's why the kids were home.

He said, "Well your boys are very smart! I was listening to them and I can't believe how well they speak and the words they use! Very advanced! (then he pointed to Josh) Especially this one! He's very smart."

Josh smiled and I thanked him and said that yes, indeed I though he was smart too.

But seriously, what does him being smart have anything to do with being home or public schooled?

Okay, so I got side tracked....

So, back to My Moment...

When we lived in England and had only one T.V. (gasp!) and no TiVo/DVR (oh the horror!) our lives seemed to revolve around Liverpool Football (soccer) games on T. V. Okay, so Rich's life revolved around it and I watched too. I actually quite enjoied it. I knew all the players and apparently I used to shock the boys at work when I'd actually come up with some comment about a game that was on. Apparently, not many of the guys I worked with had spouses who would watch football with them...

Since we moved to back to the states and have six T.V.'s, a TiVo and 2 DVR's, (shameful, I know) Rich normally records the games and watches them in the basement. Our basement DVR has been acting up so Rich recorded the Liverpool Champions League game on our main living room DVR.

After the boys were in bed, he sat down to watch the game and I watched it with him while puttering on the computer. It was really nice. We opened a bottle of wine, Rich had his Boddingtons. We sat, we watched, we chatted and we celebrated! Liverpool won 2-0 ! YAY!!!

And Rich has asked that if anyone knows of a job for him that pays loads of money for him to sit around watching soccer and drinking beer, please let him know. He would make himself available immediately.

Now, I'm counting that as part of "my moment," because, like I said, Rich worked over the weekend, and last night felt like the closest thing we've had to a "date" in a while. It was nice.

And as for part 2 of "my moment" -- as I write this, I am sitting in my new favorite coffee shop, drinking coffee and relaxing. I've already scarfed down a croissant!

My friend Shannan at Mommy Bits gave me an award (I know! Another one!) I've been seeing these pop up all over the blogosphere lately. I'm so excited that I have one now too!
Thank you Shannan!

Now, I get to give this award to some people. I'm not sure who has this already and who doesn't and quite honestly, I don't care. I'm just going to give it to whomever I want.
So, I'm giving the award to all the blogs on my blog roll over there to the left. If you see your name/blog there (and even if you don't) feel free to grab the award! You're all Excellent!


  1. Hey if Rich find a job that that pays loads of money for him to sit around watching soccer and drinking beer, could he let my husband know too?

    Yes, Josh is very smart! I think the home/public school question might stem from the fact that a good number of kids who end up in the National Spelling Bees are home-schooled. In a home school there are less children (usually) and more focus can be given to spelling and vocabulary.

    Congrats on your newest award!

  2. Congrats AGAIN on another award!!! Yahhhhhhh!!!

  3. I love those "moments". They are so few and far between, but they are all the more appreciated.

    And thank you so much for the award! You are quite excellent yourself!!

  4. Oh! You are so nice.

    I love your moment, really I do.

    You have lived abroad a lot, at least a lot more than me! Why is that?

  5. If he finds that job, let ME know! I want in on that!

  6. youre wonderful and if you use the cookie recipe you do know that in the fine print i get to taste them! (giggle)

  7. Well glad you got to have some time with Rich finally and I'm sure come Wednesday morning you were grateful for the boys to go to school!! lol


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