Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Map of My Heart

Wrapped Emotions took a hiatus for Christmas and through January. Melody is back now and has a new "assignment."

This week (well, this month's) assignment, "A Map of My Heart."

Melody's words, "Knowing what you truly love is the key to loving how you live. A simple way to begin to know what you truly love is to gather beautiful images that speak to your soul. So, let's do just that."

She tasked us with gathering images from magazines that spoke to us. For whatever reason, it didn't matter, and then put them in a collage.

I sat down with some old magazines, and I just couldn't "do" it.

Sure, I started, but I found myself just settling on pictures. It seems they were all "food," "flowers," or "book" related. But I just wasn't happy with what I'd found. I felt like I was doing the project as she assigned, simply because I needed to "follow the rules."

But, as I sat there, I realized the map of my heart is right here, in my house. In my blog. It's my family.

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by beauty every day.

Now tell me, am I not the luckiest person that ever lived? Need more proof?

And now, this next bit is just to make my mom and dad feel old.

I got some new glasses today.

Me and my new glasses!

You like?

Here's the "old" part.

They're progressive lenses. Yep. I've got bifocals now.


  1. LOL! Well, I think your "bifocals" look do you!

  2. You are very lucky indeed!

    Kim @ TheBitterBall

  3. Fantastic! And nice glasses too! Bifocals are the new black!

  4. Love your map, truly sweet! And I can see EXACTLY why you feel that way! You've got a beautiful family both inside and out!


  5. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

    The glasses look great! And don't feel bad about the glasses - my husband who is 36 had to get bifocals last year!

  6. ya know? bifocals will do wonders when knitting LOL :)

  7. Ahhh - you are truly blessed! Beautiful!

  8. What a great map. Love that you put a different spin on the project !

    The glasses look great, by the way.

    My W.E. is up too. Check it out here

  9. You do have a lovely family. I think I probably need those bifocals, too, I am constantly putting on/off my reading glasses and losing them constantly!!!

  10. Your family is beautiful, and you are beautiful in your new glasses. I had to LOL at the taunting your mom. :)

    BTW, artistic creations cannot truly be limited to "rules". Love your interpretation.

  11. Your photos just make me feel good in my heart! Thank-you for sharing them!


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