Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I have a new knitting project I just finished.

Mittens. Are these not the cutest? My first ever pair of mittens. And they were so easy, I'm sure all my friends will now be getting mittens for gifts!

Now I need to find a hat pattern to go with them!

I found a really cool knitting website/community called Ravelry. It's just amazing. You can search for patterns and yarns and shops... There is also a feature to keep track of your own supplies (yarn, needles, etc) and projects you 've been working on.

One thing I really like about it is if you have a pattern from a book or magazine, you can search for it and see what other people think of it, or what it turned out like for knitters of varying abilities.

The pattern for the mittens came out of a book I have called "One Skein Wonders." I could go on Ravelry, search for projects from the book and see who had done them, what they turned out like, what kind of yarn they used... it's really cool!

I also discovered, through Ravelry, there is another yarn shop in the town next to mine. I haven't checked it out yet, but I have plans too (once I can afford to buy more yarn)!

Okay, so now time for a Samism:

Sam's latest thing is telling knock-knock jokes. Josh loves them too, but since he's nearly seven, he tells "real" jokes he's read out of a book. Sam makes them up, and they make absolutely no sense.

Here is his favorite.

Sam: Knock Knock

Me: Who's there?

Sam: Angry

Me: Angry who?

Sam: Angry in your tummy!!!!!

The he bursts into fits of laughter.

Josh: I don't get it. That's not a real joke!

This, to me, is just further evidence that boys are weird.


  1. LUV IT, LUV them....beautiful....good job woman! : )

  2. OMG, Claire just started this weekend telling knock-knock jokes!! Totally makes no sense whatsoever but she loves them!!
    You are the knitting queen! They are so cute! I still haven't progressed from scarves. You rock!

  3. LOL....ALL boys are weird!! :)
    Cute mittens......I'd love to learn to knit, but, I believe you need patience for that :)

  4. Wow, very cool mittens! If I lived in a cold area, I would want a pair too!

    Sam's joke would be funny if he was telling it to me as my stomach can make some very angry sounds! :)

  5. My daughter makes up the worst jokes ever, and she just thinks they're hysterical! I'm so glad I'm not alone!

  6. great mittens!! I use the knitting looms or as I call them "cheater looms" lol I make hats, scarfs and I'm in the middle of making my first baby blanket. I bought the cheater loom for mittens too but couldn't figure it out. I gave it to Trav's grandma and she has made a ton of gloves with it. She too uses the cheater looms and every winter while she is in Florida she makes hats, scarfs & now mittens to give to kids who need them the following winter so I figured my mitten loom is getting a much better use with her. I love doing it it's so relaxing and now I have my niece doing it & my daughter!! Can't wait to see the hat to go with them!!


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