Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rich's Birthday and other stuff

On Thursday night Josh was in the "PE Show" at school. A few kids from each class were selected to go and show-off some of the things they'd been learning in P. E. this year.

Josh was about as far away from us as you can get, so I did not get any pictures. It was very crowded and the kids were all over the place in the gym.

Each "year" had a different song they did a little dance to then showed off some skill. First grade did a dance to "I Like To Move It" -- which was very cute. Then they demonstrated their ball handling. Josh's group's skill was soccer. They dribbled the ball and shot "goals" through their partner's legs. They also demonstrated passing and trapping. Of course Josh is a natural at this!

Friday was Rich's birthday.

I picked Josh up from school early and we headed over to our local grocery store to get some cake and balloons. They had fun trying to pick out one that Daddy would like. I had to nix the "Winnie the Pooh," "Lightening McQueen," "SpongeBob," and "Train" balloons. Finally, Josh picked out one that was appropriate -- it says, "Go CRAZY! It's your Birthday!"

Rich was able to get off work early and since it was a gorgeous day, we headed over to a local park for about an hour.

The Boys!

It was really nice to be outside in the fresh air! The boys were both tired from being up late the night before. I think the fresh air is so good for them, especially when they are tired. At the very least, it gives them a release and distraction so they're not getting cranky at home!

Then we took the boys to a local restaurant they like for dinner. Rich and I had dinner later at home. Then we came home, had cake and opened presents! The boys were quite worn out (as you can imagine) so they got off to bed early and Rich and I had a really yummy steak dinner!

Josh is going to a birthday party this afternoon at a roller skating rink -- that should be interesting -- and then he has a sleep-over at the "birthday boy's" house. I think he's going to be tired tomorrow too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Sounds great! Luv this pic...and those lil men are making me tired just reading about it!!

  2. I'm tired just reading all that's going on over there!

  3. Oh I love rollerskating! I hope he had fun.

    You had quite the Friday afternoon! Two dinners and birthday cake!

  4. How Nice! It sounds like everyone (especially you and Rich)had a great time!

  5. sounds like a great birthday for Rich!!


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