Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Update and Ramblings

Well, we had a fairly uneventful weekend, but we were busy just the same.

On Saturday we had chores and laundry and cleaning bathrooms and such. We had great plans to go out to the playground in the afternoon, but the forecasted "56 degree high's and afternoon sunny skies" never showed up. Instead it was in the upper 30's, gray skies and there was a wickedly cold wind!

So we went to T*rg*t. I realized on Saturday as we were getting ready to go out that Josh needed new shoes. His were hanging together by threads. So, off to the shops we went.

The boys had a great time looking at the toys. I tell you, free entertainment for Sam! He just played and played and played... and he added LOTS of things to his "Santa and Birthday" list! Every time he sees something he says, "Can I ask Santa for that?" Sure!

On Sunday we had a birthday party to go to. It was at a friend's house and this time the weather cooperated! It was beautiful! Both the boys had fun playing with their friends, running around and eating cake and ice cream, hot dogs, chips, all sorts of junk food.

And the best part is it wore Sam out. After the party we came home and put a DVD in for the boys to watch before bedtime. At 6:00 Sam came over to me and told me he wanted to go to bed. Poor thing, he was so tired! Of course who am I to argue with a child that wants to go to bed?

The Tooth Fairy is on alert in our house. Josh has 3 teeth that are very wiggly -- two I would expect to be out before the end of the week. It's been a while since he lost a tooth. We were in England in the New Forest and the New Forest Faeries brought him a GBP 2 coin!

I keep asking him if he thinks the Tooth Fairy brings extra money if you loose one on your birthday -- his is Saturday.

I can't believe he's going to be seven! And with the teeth falling out... His face is changing. All baby-ish-ness will be gone when the top two teeth fall out and the new "Big Boy" teeth come in. I can't believe how fast he's grown up!

Now I'm off to do stuff to get ready for his birthday.

But before I go, I just wanted to point out this site from Cheerios. It's called "Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts." Heart Disease is the number one cause of death among women, and those with limited access to health care are at the greatest risk. Participating boxes of Cheerios cereal have a "code" on the inside flap. For every code entered on the Helping Hearts website, Cheerios will donate $1.00 toward free cholesterol screening for women in need. A worthy cause I just thought I'd pass along.


  1. hehe. I love when they go up to you and ASK for a nap. Score one for mommy. :) I wish I grew up with New Forest Faeries -- that was one pricey tooth (at least compared to what I grew up getting...probably inflation). I hope Josh doesn't do something crazy, like tie all his wiggly teeth to the door knob and then slam the door shut, on Saturday. Tell him the extra dough isn't worth it! He should just hold out for those New Forest Faeries again.

  2. Sounds like the Tooth Fairy is going to be very busy at your house! I agree Mommmmmm, lil man should get extra if it's on his birthday! LOL

  3. you always have the best weekend stories. thanks for sharing.

  4. Seven?? The time is just zipping by!

    At our house the tooth fairy exchanges a $1 bill for the lost tooth. However, once when my son had to have a tooth pulled by the dentist, the dentist was quick to inform us that the tooth fairy gives $2 for a pulled tooth. I wonder how much she gives if you lose one on your birthday...

    I have bookmarked the Cheerios site for the next time I get a code!

  5. Aw, they grow up so fast!

    I nearly had a breakdown when Adrien started getting his baby teeth in. His little mush mouth was gone. I can only imagine the day that his first adult teeth come in. *sigh*

    Tell Josh Happy Bday! :)

  6. So does the tooth fairy bring more money if he looses his tooth on his birthday?? lol Sounds like a typical weekend in most of America.


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