Thursday, February 7, 2008

Josh Makes a Lenten Pledge....

I know I already posted once today, but I forgot to mention our Shrove Tuesday and how it went.

In England it's known as "Pancake Day" and you have pancakes for dinner. We try to do this with the kids every Shrove Tuesday, but we don't always partake of the Pancakes ourselves.

This Tuesday I was supposed to go to our annual HOA Homeowners meeting but decided at the last minute I really didn't want to go. It really worked out for the best because Rich was at work and it would have been a rush.

Anyway, we gave the kids pancakes for dinner and Josh, of course, wanted to know why it was "Pancake Day." So, I go into the speil about Christ in the desert for 40 days and Lent and Easter and everything.

I told him how often times people give up something for Lent in order to try and become a better person or to do something difficult for them.

Josh was very enthusiastic and decided he'd give up something for Lent.

"Mom," he said, "this is going to be REALLY hard, but I'll give up homework AND reading before bed time!"

Somehow, I think he missed the point!


  1. hahahahahaha!
    Oh, snap, it IS Lent!
    *putting down the Mountain Dew*

  2. ROFL!!! That just proves how smart he is!

    Mmm, pankcakes...

  3. SMART LIL MAN!!! ROFL!!! what a cutie!

  4. As we are from the UK, we did our pancakes Tuesday!!

  5. LMAO!! That is sooo cute.

    My Oldest came up to me last night and said she was participating in Lenten this year and giving up ice-cream...the cute thing is, who knows how long that will last and how long she's going to be Catholic!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  6. Bwahahaha! It's going to be REALLY hard! That was brilliant!

  7. HA! I think I'll give up homework and reading before bedtime too LOL

  8. That is adorable. We are observing Lent in our home this year as well - we haven't been very strick about it in the past. I wish Josh the best with

  9. Ok, first of all, if I thought I couldn't possibly love the English any more than I already do, I learn about this thing called "Pancake Day"?! That's awesome!

    Josh is a smart little fella. I was one of those suckers who gave things up like coffee or chocolate for Lent. Glad he's figured out how to game the system early on.

  10. LOL!! Smart thinking on his part!! We have pancake day a few times a month!! lol


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