Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making Valentines: The finished product

The boys and I made their class Valentines this year. I think I mentioned already I got our idea from Charlene over at CrazedParent. We melted down old crayons and made heart
shaped ones.

(We used the same Michael's mold that Charlene did... well, not THE SAME one, but the same kind.)

Here is Sam putting the crayons into the mold.

Putting the crayons in the mold

The finished product!

Crayon Hearts

The boys also decorated little bags to put the hearts into. We used generic, plain red and white paper treat bags.

Making Valentines

The kids decorated them with heart doilies, heart shaped stickers and buttons, stamps and some glitter glue.

Just So....

We filled them with the crayons, little pads of paper and Hershey's Kisses. Mommy helped finishe them off with tags and bows.


It was a great project for the kids. It did take us several sessions to complete, but it was lots of fun. And I think they turned out really cute! Each one was unique!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


  1. I am IMPRESSED! Those treat bags look amazing! I guess I should start saving the broken crayons instead of throwing them away :)

    Happy Valentine's Day from your contagious friend :)

  2. Very nice job! It looks like the boys worked really had on this.

  3. Wow!! Those are the coolest Valentines ~ even the bags are top drawer!

  4. Those bags are simply adorable, and I like how you filled them. You guys did good. :)

    The photos are good...the concentration is quite obvious.

  5. What a wonderful Valentine's Gift for their friends. You are an awesome Mom!

  6. That is so great!!! I wish i would have seen this earlier!

  7. This is so awesome! So much cooler than just giving a Valentine's card and it looks like the boys had a good time putting them together.

  8. Great activity for the kids and Mommy.

    Good job, they look great! =0)

  9. What a great idea! I may have to try that! We definitely have PLENTY of old crayons around.

    I just told my husband today that I feel like the worst mom. My kids school valentines consisted of a valentine and a valentine sucker. Then they come home with these very cool treat bags. I need to step it up a notch for next year.

  10. Those are awesome!! i so need to remember this kind of idea for when my belly dweller goes to school.

  11. Move over Martha Stewart!!! Where do you find the time. Absolutely amazing. Can you come to our house?

  12. That will make such a great memory for you guys! I still remember making home made Valentines with my Mom as a kid. It was so much fun and meant so much more than those mass produced boxed cards. (Of course, those are so easy!)

    They look fabulous!

    BTW -- do you have to spray the mold with anything? Or do the crayons just pop right out afterward?

  13. For crying out loud woman! You MUST stop setting the bar so high for us non-creative Mothers!! My kids' friends were lucky to get some Disney/Pixar valentines with a sucker taped inside.

  14. We are so doing this for Easter! I can just see cute little swirly eggs!!

  15. Wow...they did such a great job...I am SO not that talented :)


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