Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Colors of Friendship

Kila from Momto3cubs gave me this beautiful award:

Thank you Kila!

I would like to pass this on to ALL my Maya's Mom friends because they are the most awesome group of moms (and dads too) on the web. And if Maya's Mom isn't a true reflection of the Colors Of Friendship, I don't know what is!

But, especially the staff, Ann, CrazedParent, Monkey's Mama, Cowgirl, Sean, Marcus , LizardQueen and CurlyMama -- because with out them, the place wouldn't be what it is! Thank you all -- you ROCK!


  1. That is a great award. We truly are here the colors of friendship!!

  2. Congratulations! And I agree, the Maya's Mom staff embody the colors of friendship!

  3. What a beautiful award, you deserve it! Thanks for passing it on to the rest of us! And oh yeahhh, MM staff ROCKS!!

  4. I agree...this is totally MM !! :)


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