Friday, November 2, 2007

My Inner Dialog

Yesterday B over at Random Acts of Motherhood posted about her "Internal Novelist." It's a great post and I found myself nodding and agreeing with what she says about how blogging affects everything you do in your life. Once you start blogging, you can't stop -- even when you're not at your computer actually "blogging" but when you're out and about.

I do this too and thought I'd share my crazy thoughts, just so B doesn't feel alone! After all, it is only day 2 of NaBloPoMo, and I need things to blog about so at the risk of you seeing how shallow I really am, I decided to share.

Everywhere I go, I have an inner dialog that runs through my head -- and more often than not it doesn't stay "inner" but I find I'm talking out loud. To myself.

And I wonder why people stare at me. See, all this time I thought it was my stunning beauty, but really they just think I'm a freak. See, now, that's the beauty of "Blue Tooth" headsets. When you catch yourself talking out loud, to your self, you can just pretend to be on the phone.

Anyway, today I had to go to Target for various items. Sam's been invited to a birthday party on Monday so I needed a present for that. Plus Sam's birthday is in 9 days and I needed stuff for that AND Josh was invited to a birthday party in 2 weeks so I thought I'd just go crazy and get that present too.

As I walk into Target, I am immediately drawn to the Christmas T-shirts in the Ladies "Fashion" department.... And I use the word "Fashion" lightly because this is Target. Oh who am I kidding! I'm a stay at home mom... most of my wardrobe is from Target! Partly because it's cheap, partly because that's the only place I have time to shop. Oh, yes, the Christmas t-shirts... They are cute so I contemplate buying one. But the one I like the best is black and I don't look good in black... and it's short sleeved. Even in Atlanta, not sure that's a good idea. I pull myself together and tear myself away.

I start to make my way down to the toy department, then see the ladies Christmas Pajama sets -- I have a thing for PJ's. I love them and think I should be allowed to wear them all the time where ever I go. Pretty much the same thing goes through my head that went through my head with the t-shirts. I decide that the PJ's can wait and attempt to move along, but....

My eye catches the pajama's in the boys department...

Josh needs new pajamas! He really does. He's grown so much that all his PJ's are way too small for him. I grab 2 new pair and then some socks for the boys because, well, you can never have too many socks for boys. My washer or dryer or something keeps eating them....

Finally! I make it to the toy department and start looking for toys to get the kids. I choose some things, get some DVD's for them... then head over to pick up a new Pokemon GameBoy Game for Josh. Rich's parents gave us some money to buy him something for having such a good report card and they wanted him to have it on Sam's birthday, so I went to look at the GameBoy Games...

Does anyone understand Pokemon and the versions? Fire Red, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Ruby, Diamond and Pearl? I swear it's like a foreign language that only boys ages 6-10 speak. I'm staring at the case completely dumbfounded. The thoughts going through my head are not "family oriented" so I won't share them here...

I find someone to unlock the case and ask him if he knows anything about Pokemon. No such luck. I should have suspected. He's not 7.

I settle on one -- I don't know which one or if it was the wrong one -- who knows! I know I don't want to get him "Diamond & Pearl" because I think he's getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas and we'll get the DS version of that for him.

So, I'm sort of done at Target but then see that the Halloween stuff -- it's all 50% off! I can't believe it! I contemplate stocking up on decorations for next year but decide against it. I do grab some cereal bowls -- I have an orange one at home and the boys fight over it, so I grabbed three more in the other colors they had.

By now I really have to pee (who decided Starbucks at the entry way was a good idea anyway?) so my thoughts are all about getting out as fast as I can. But I still need cards and wrapping paper... I head over to the card aisle, quickly and randomly pick out what I need and go to pay. I'm in such a hurry, I leave half my stuff at the check out! Oops! Not the first time and probably not the last either.

Anyway, from there I headed over to Costco and I'll spare you the thoughts there because that place puts my brain in overdrive! So much to look at!!!!

And, I need to save some more drivel, fodder extremely interesting stuff for tomorrow!


  1. Oh I hit the Target %0% off Halloween sale last night! I love Halloween decor. They did not have much left except candy. I did get some Halloween boxers for my husband. I was actually sort of jealous of those. Where is the creepy Halloween underwear for the ladies?!?!?

    My nephew is 10 and apparently Pokemon is not as cool in his new school as it was at his old school. So now he just plays online with his friends from his old school. He is a closeted Pokemon gamer.

    I am impressed with your getting all this birthday stuff done ahead of time.

  2. LOL, good for you!! Pulling yourself away from those pj's and t-shirts! See, you are capable of practicing self-control! (LOL)....luv the Target puns! Too bad we don't have one near us!

  3. Seriously Laughing!! Sorry (sis) chercroppin, I have found my long lost twin!

    The paths your brain takes mirror my own - it's scary!

    And yes, I think I am always blogging, even when I am not at my computer. My husband says he's going to buy me a "I'm blogging this" t-shirt.

    Now if I could just find the perfect pair of PJ's...

  4. I am a total pajama lover. It takes great strength to keep me from spening all my money when I go to Target. I don;t know what it is... I just can't walk out of there without spending $100.

  5. LOL! I know what you mean about the inner dialogue. My son peed on my during a flight once (naturally with neither of us having back up clothing) and rather than thinking about how uncomfortable we were both going to be for the next 2 hours, I was mentally drafting the blog entry.

    BTW, your shopping trip to Target sounds a lot like mine do. A lot of going around wanting things, loitering until you decide you don't need it yet and then moving on to the next thing. And Ahh!! I love Costco!

  6. LOL....that really sounds like me!! We should shop together :)

  7. yay! thanks for the mention :)

    i love pj's too! i mean, we definitely should be able to wear them all the time. it should be mandated.

    and i'm not sure who decided starbucks is good at the entrance to target, but i'm sure glad they did! i love my latte while i'm spending. although the new part of town i live in only has one of those stupid "snack bars" starbucks :/ frown frown.

    thanks the mention though. !!!!

    ps: notice who doesn't comment on my blog anymore? i think it's partially bc of you! thanks for sticking up for me. you got my back, yo.

  8. LOL! My husband calls me the Target shopper... and most of my wardrobe is from there as well... :) My first post-pregnancy jeans were from there, simply because they were the only ones that fit after many dissappointed weekends of searching, and I haven't gone back.

    Love the inner novelist!


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