Thursday, November 8, 2007

T-shirts are Me!

Josh has been bugging me for a Pokemon t-shirt and I told him I'd get him one "someday" thinking this would work like it used to.

It doesn't.

He's 6 now.

He gets an idea in his head and that's it.

So we've been to "the usual" places -- Target and Wal*Mart -- NO luck. I went to Kohls yesterday hoping they would have one.

They didn't.

But what they did have was long sleeved t-shirts on sale for $3.60. Right then, I knew I could solve this t-shirt crisis with these cheap-as-chips shirts.

I have some iron-on transfer paper at home.

There is a Pokemon website.

I could MAKE MY OWN!!!!

I made two of them for Josh yesterday and he wore one to school today. He got off the bus today all excited because EVERYONE was commenting on his shirt! "It was so cool MOM! Thank you for my new shirt!!!!!"

Now I hope it doesn't come off in the wash.


  1. It looks great...way to be creative!! :)

  2. DONT put it in the dryer! I did that and it curled up to the point it couldnt be worn

  3. Looks great....what a good mommy you are!!!

  4. What a COOL mom you are!!! Handy/Crafty/Cool all wrapped up in one!

  5. Ooooh..very impressive with the thinking outside of the box! Great idea!!

  6. My boys are HUGE Pokemon fans! I found long-sleeve Pokemon T-shirts for them at Target. Great idea to make your own!

    P.S. There's something for you at my place ;)

  7. nicely played, indeed!

    I'll have to remember this one.

    gorgeous dining set, btw :)

  8. Yay you! Enjoy your status as totally rockin' mom while it lasts! I love iron-on transfer paper. I discovered them when Noah was still a baby and I didn't want to cough up $30 for a funny/smarmy onesie he'd outgrow after a month. Try washing the shirt inside out. I think that helps.

  9. What a way great mom you are. He is SO happy in that shot!


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