Sunday, November 25, 2007

How We Spent Saturday!

It's that time of year again. When the leaves pile up and we have to spend our weekends raking up the millions of leaves that seem to make their way to our back yard.

Most of the day we spent around the house -- Rich watched Liverpool beat Newcastle 3-0 in the morning. He was quite happy with that considering England's elimination from Euro 2008 earlier this week. And Manchester United lost yesterday, so that was good too!

We went out in the afternoon for about an hour and a half and raked up more leaves. Friday we raked up about 11 bags, Saturday we raked 14...

Bags, bags, bags...

The boys had fun "helping" us --

Josh & Sam

In the evening, Josh was invited to a movie with his friend Cade. He came home about 7:30 all hopped up on sugar and McDonald's and popcorn.... It was very funny. He would start talking in a "normal" voice, but then his voice would get louder and louder until he was SHOUTING! It was hysterical! He was very excited and had a lot of fun.

But anyway, we're not looking forward to next weekend when more leaves will fall -- last year we had over 100 bags of leaves over the course of 2 weekends. We're up to 27 (25 from this weekend plus 2 from earlier in the week -- just the front which needs to be done again!).

How many more to go?


  1. LOVE this pic of the boys on the pile! I have memories of doing this when we lived in MI as kids. I HATED raking....getting blisters, but now as an adult, I have fond memories of the aroma and of jumping in those piles! We too really should rake our front yard from all of the fallen Sycamore leaves...but I really don't want to! My front yard is the only thing around here that resembles Fall in any way!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's a lot of leaves!! OK, I like to see and play in the leaves, but I'm not sure I could ever like having to rake them again!

  3. OMG... you must live near a forest! That is a lot of work. Looks like the boys enjoy it.

  4. In our city we have an official leaf pick up day. All the city asks is that we pile them along the curb. They come a long with a truck that has a large hose attached to suck up all the leaves. The only problem with the system is that our tree never looses it's leaves until after the pick up date. We've never been able to take advantage of the free service.

  5. Holy cow, that is a whole lot of leaves! But, it looks like the boys had fun jumping in them :)


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