Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday's Photos -- The Botanic Gardens

We went to the Botanic Gardens yesterday.

They have a wonderful Children's Garden there that the boys like to run around and play in. Josh and Daddy played "Treasure Hunt" -- when you walk into the Children's Garden there is a big, colorful map and they would look for a "destination" and then try and find their way there by passing different places in the garden. It's not very big, but they had a great time finding different places on the map and exploring the garden.

It was quite interesting to see it right now. They've emptied most of the ponds and fountains because of the drought. It's amazing really that a place that REQUIRES water for it's plants can survive the drought we've got. It must be very difficult for them. But, they are doing it. I wouldn't know if the garden has felt any ill affects from the lack of water.

They had a little train the boys could ride. I only had $4 in cash and the tickets were $2 so they only got one ride. Sam was free.

Cheese Mommy!

All Aboard! Here they go....

All Aboard!

After they were done Sam wanted to watch the train so the boys sat down and "watched." After a bit, they decided to play tag and we ran around the field playing. It was quite cold out so it was nice to run around in the sun trying to warm up.

Watching the Train


  1. Fantastic day you had! We would really get along great if we lived closer...this is a place we would visit as a family too! :)

  2. What a beautifl day. My boys would love that train!

  3. Sounds like fun! I miss the days when my kids were small enough to ride the trains. :)

    The drought is hitting things so fiercely. When it rained pratically all day on thanksgiving, we tried to not complain as it was sorely needed.

  4. Sounds like so much fun! And like Sis said, I do miss the days when the kids were that little! Luv these pics!

  5. My son wants to come live with you.


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