Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life Lesson for my kids -- part 1

I'm calling this "Part 1" because I'm sure there will be more.

Josh has been super grumpy lately -- especially when I tell him we are going someplace that he doesn't want to go -- mainly because it will take him away from his beloved GameBoy and Pokemon game. Which I've had to put a time limit on!

Anyway, he just does NOT WANT TO GO! He stamps his feet and says, "I'm NOT GOING!" and then "Harumphs!" and crosses his arms. Hahaha -- like he thinks he has a choice! Hahaha...

I'm have started telling him that he does not always have control over what happens to him, but he does have control over his reaction. He is in control of whether he chooses to be UNHAPPY and MISERABLE or if he wants to face what he has to do and be HAPPY about it.

I do believe this is true not just about going to Target or the grocery store... but what happens to you in life. Be happy and you'll enjoy life more!

I think I'm going to be reminding BOTH the boys of this quite often!


  1. Just wait until he's 12! LOL!

    I do and believe this too!

  2. love your coaching! I remember the mom of muiltiples (she had 6 and they are 15 now)...had an attitude chart..charted who was giving lots of energy and good attitude (joining the team effort) and who was not. Somehow the kids were motivated to improve their outlook....she did write a book and they tax their kids allowance and teach taxation....I should search her...

  3. Just another thing for me to look forward too :P

  4. Great reminders for us too!! Hope things go well for you and him :)

  5. Wise word Mom, very good lesson. =)

  6. We've been having some issues with this too....stay strong and just remind him that things must get done at times so that the real fun can begin :)

  7. He will be so thankful for you, later on ... like when he is 30 with kids of his own. Yes? Heehee

  8. a good lesson to learn, too.

  9. That is a great lesson for him to learn. SM struggles with this too. Figuring out how to express themselves, how to deal when they don't want to do something. Nice job.

  10. Oooh...good lesson, Mom! I love how you turned it into a talk of how we don't always control what happens, but can control ourselves...that is fantastic! I'll look forward to hearing updates since these, uh..power struggles are looming in my future. :)


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