Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jumpin' Josh Flash

Today Josh has Jump Rope For Heart at school. The kids go out and get pledges and then jump rope to raise money for the American Heart Association. Josh's school has continually been one of the top schools in the Nation for JRFH. It seems every year they are the top K-2 school in the state, if not the nation. Last year they were 3rd in the state overall and 29th Nationally. Not bad.

One of the things they can do is jump in memory or in honor of someone. You don't HAVE to, but Josh really wanted to. But he just didn't know who to jump for. When I suggested he jump "in honor of all those that need the AHA" he balked -- because that wasn't for SOMEONE!

Then I suggested my maternal grandmother. She had open-heart surgery way back in 1976. Josh liked that idea -- so this year he's jumping in her memory. Here's his card, he even decorated it with hearts and him jumping rope ....

I'm really proud of him. He didn't reach his $1,000 goal, but he did end up raising $158.
He was so determined to raise money, he donated all the money he was saving up for a new Pokemon game. Granted it was only $6, but it was ALL his money.
And he was very determined to practice. Here he practicing.

Last night at bedtime he came down and said he was "too excited about JRFH to sleep." What a sweet heart!

I can't go see him do it this year. Sam has his 3 year check up today at the same time. Last year it was so much fun to see the kindergartners attempt to jump. Josh has come a long way since then!

Good Luck Big Guy!!!!!


  1. What a sweetheart! Hope it goes well for him. You must be very proud.

  2. awesome...our school does this every year too :)

  3. I think this program is awesome! What a sweetie doing this in honor of his great-grandma! And Josh, my ROCK!! How awesome to raise that money for a good cause!! Jump on little man, jump on!

  4. That is so sweet! Sounds as though he is a caring kid!!

  5. AW! What a sweetie pie! Good luck, little dude! Jump your heart out!

    I remember doing this for school. Those were the days...

  6. Awesome Job Josh!! So Cute!My children's school particpates too - the younger kids jump rope and the older ones do basketball hoops. I love that the schools help teach about charities!

  7. That is so sweet. Those jump roping doodles are awesome!!

  8. Aw, that is so sweet!
    What a great age he is at!


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