Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. Ours was nice and relaxing and the boys had lots of fun!

We got up and had our "traditional" holiday breakfast -- Eggs DayAhead (sausage, scrambled eggs, cream of mushroom soup and cheese -- yummy!)

We'd had some rain Wednesday night - early Thursday morning but it cleared up after breakfast. Normally, we try and go to the park on Thanksgiving morning, but it was not nice enough. We did go out though. We decided to go for a "Family Walk" and train for next year's 5k so we went around "The Circle" (where we live there is a circle that connects neighborhoods together -- it's about 3 miles from our door, around the circle and back to our door -- it's pretty close to the race route).

Josh did really well -- he ran for quite a bit -- just shy of a mile, then he'd walk to catch his breath and run again. He was pretty worn out by the end! Rich carried Sam on his shoulders the whole way and lightly jogged for most of it and he was "in the lead" for most of it. I tried to jog as much as possible. I'm really out of shape! I have some work ahead of me if I want to run next year! Anyway, it took us less than an hour (56 minutes) to go door to door. I was pretty impressed!

After we got back we all needed baths and showers and we had a little rest and a small bite to eat. Then Rich and Josh finished putting up the lights outside (while Sam had a nap) and got done just as a cold front came through. Once Sam got up, the boys put up the new Christmas tree in the basement and I cooked dinner.

Since it was just the 4 of us, we didn't go "all out" -- I only got a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. We also had stuffing, green beans, gravy and roast potatoes. It was really good! Sam loved the turkey and gravy, but nothing else. Josh loved it all!

After dinner we gave the boys the movie Ratatouille and we watched about half of it (we're watching the rest now). We also finished decorating the "basement" Christmas tree.

After the boys went to bed, Rich and I pulled out a puzzle to start, we had some "left-overs" for supper and watched a bit of TV.

The day went quickly, yet we still had time to relax, the boys played, we had some family time -- it was a GREAT Thanksgiving!

And as a bonus -- the boys slept until 5:50 this morning! It was like sleeping in!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a really nice time! Currently I have a food hangover and am trying to recoup enough to get started on my decorating. :)

  2. Awww..what a wonderful day!! We watched Ratatouille too yesterday!! I'm glad your thanksgiving went so well! :)

    p.s they only slept until 5:30? Ohhh mimi you MUCT be exhausted! lol(ya call that sleeping in? :D )

  3. Sounds like a great relaxing day!!

  4. Am so glad you and your family had a nice, fun relaxing day!


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