Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thirteen Random Things...

I went to visit my friend CrazedParent and accidentally got tagged just by reading her "13 Things" post and since I'm desperate for content for NaBloPoMo so I guess I'm "it."

I feel like I've been doing these things quite a bit so I need to think of some new stuff -- I'm digging deep here....

1. I have flown around the world twice. Once in each direction.

2. The best display of Christmas lights I have ever seen was in Singapore in late November (I think I was there around this time of year.) It was AWESOME!!!!

3. I love popcorn. In fact, if left on my own, and I didn't have children to feed, I would eat popcorn for dinner more often than not.

4. I love anchovies and use them in cooking quite a bit. But I don't always "tell."

5. I often dream of winning the lottery but don't play very much because I am genuinely disappointed when I don't win. In fact, I don't think I've ever matched more than 1 number.

6. Charlotte's Web was my favorite book growing up. Sometimes I would finish reading it and reread it straight away. I also cried every time I read it when Charlotte died (oops, did I just give away the ending?)

7. I had a security blanket when I was little. I called it my "Daisy Blanket." I think the remnants are still at my parent's house. Apparently, it was yellow with daisy's but I only remember it being completely white (it was very well loved and worn). My mom must have had to sneak it off to the wash!

8. I also had a favorite baby doll named "Julie." She is still at my mom's house and Sam played with her when we were there last July.

9. I am notoriously bad at getting birthday cards in the mail on time. I only ever do the Christmas cards because Rich reminds me. Often.

10. I love sleep. I never pulled an "all nighter" in college because I'd never have been able to function the next day. And I always figured "If I don't know it now, being tired won't help!"

11. I have a BA in Communications, but I loved my History and Religion classes. I didn't major or minor in them because I didn't know what "to do" with them.

12. I'm really bad at math. Really, really bad. Rich says it's a good thing Josh does the math flashcards with me because then I can learn them too!

13. I love the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. (ooo I just discovered that's just pseudonym she writes under!) They make me laugh out loud and I even convinced Rich to read them. I told him if he wanted to begin to understand how my mind worked, he'd have to read the books.

Okay that's it for now. And since I don't feel like tagging anyone in particular, if you're reading this, "Tag! You're It!"


  1. Loved Charlotte's Web, until it bit me in the maiden name is the same as a very popular name in this book! Man did I get teased! Thanks goodness I got married! LOL. I too love popcorn! Just hate it getting stuck in my teeth!

    And man, I did read this....I'll have to do this too, when time allows!

  2. I'm with Cheryl on the Charlottes Web - our maiden name is a German name, and although it is mentioned in the book, it IS spelled differently (er vs ur). I too love popcorn, and if I didn't have others to feed, I would also eat it for dinner!

    OK, I'm tagged, but I reserve the right to wait until a day when I NEED something to post. :)

  3. I read the Charlotte's Web and ALL the Laura Ingalls Wilder books compulsively....I loved them.
    Now I want to sing that song "oh wow look at him now, Zuckerman's famous pig........."

  4. I think I must be the only person in the blogoshpere that has not read Charlotte's Web.

    I've never even seen the entire movie, just bits and pieces.

    Now I feel like I should go to the library...

  5. Charlotte's Web is a classic!! My five year old Grandbaby loves it...The book I had as a child has worn spots on the cover from the many times I read it. Now My grand has one of her on..Someday I hope to give her my copy. But until then I will hold on to it and yes, I will read it agin!! LOL!! Love your Blog Site!! Hugs Sissy


    *heheheh* Remind me to bring my "anchovy detector" if I ever visit you! :p


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